Downtown Shadows

By: Ginger

May 09 2010

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Category: Downtown Photos, Shadow Shot Sunday


Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Historic downtown Wilmington is a beautiful area of old buildings that house shops, restaurants and Inns. Rich in history and atmosphere, with brick streets and sprawling southern trees, it is a city that is best explored on foot, and savored like a fine wine.

This photo is for  Shadow Shot Sunday , a photo forum for fun shots of  shadows, brought to you by Hey Harriet’s blog. Click on the link to visit lots of other very creative shadow shots.

To see more daily photos of other cities around the world, visit City Daily Photo.


2 comments on “Downtown Shadows”

  1. What a beautiful shadow! I like how you show more of the tree in the shadow than in the real life. Cool effect!

  2. Shadow-tree
    growing on brick wall,
    be fruitful!

    Shadows everywhere:
    If Wisteria…
    Shadowy descanso

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