Fighting Ducks

By: Ginger

Mar 16 2010

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Category: Ruby Tuesday


Focal Length:300mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Some people consider Muscovy ducks to be ugly because of the large red warty caruncles above the beak and around the eyes. This somewhat aggressive duck often fights over food, territory or mates.

Muscovies are the only domestic ducks that are not derived from Mallard stock. They are a South American species. The original (wild type) coloration is black and white, but domestication has produced many more colors, including white, black, chocolate, and blue. The males are large, weighing up to twelve pounds, with the smaller females reaching only seven. Their feet have strong sharp claws and are built to grasp, so that they can perch on branches. They are  personable and interesting birds, and quite intelligent. Unlike most domestic waterfowl, Muscovies will often fly up and roost. They fly fairly well, especially the smaller females, but are known more for flying around than flying away!

This picture was chosen for Ruby Tuesday.

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2 comments on “Fighting Ducks”

  1. Awesome photo and great post about them! I truly enjoyed it!
    Happy Ruby Tuesday!
    From the Heart of Texas

  2. Wow! That’s a little scary lol Happy Ruby Tuesday!

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