Snow Event in Wilmington

By: Ginger

Feb 17 2010

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Focal Length:75mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Last weekend we had a rare event in Wilmington, NC. The much publicized winter snow storm over the south dropped about three inches of snow on our area. Wilmington residents only get to experience winter like this every few years, and some area children had never seen snow until now!

This photo is for Watery Wednesday.

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3 comments on “Snow Event in Wilmington”

  1. This scene is beautiful. How I wish it is snowing in my place too.. Great shot!

  2. I love this shot, with the curve of the river. Very graceful. This winter was ususual for us, too– we didn’t get any snow at all, and had a daytime average of 50 degrees! Now our tulips are coming up and the cherry trees are in full bloom.

  3. Oh, such a nice photo, just like an old postcard. I just love it!
    Have a great day/
    Ulla Sweden

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