Reflection in a Downtown Bar

Downtown Wilmington has a number of unique bars, with a variety of distinctive decors.

This photo is for a new photo meme that is open Friday through Sunday. It’s called Weekend Reflections over at Newtown Area Photos.

To see more daily photos of other cities around the world, visit City Daily Photo.


11 comments on “Reflection in a Downtown Bar”

  1. Great reflection and photo!

  2. Neat! You captured the mood very well. I think it is the background color that made it so nice

    …Venice laundry

  3. This is a cool shot! Was he caught unaware?

  4. The incidentalness of the reflection is cool. I also like the placement of the beer bottle and the background colour is a ripper.

  5. A reflective reflection…nicely done!

    You can find mine here:
    Weekend Reflection ~ Ghostly Images

  6. I admit that I didn’t see the reflection at first! Nice capture and perfect setting, the colors are amazing.

  7. Neat shot! The reflections are great, and he does seem to be in a reflective mood too.

  8. Cool photo and it really goes well with your blog color. 🙂

  9. Nice shot that would look fantastic with a tighter crop in B&W.

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