Heavenly Bamboo

By: Ginger

Dec 22 2009

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Category: Ruby Tuesday


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Also known as heavenly bamboo, nandina is an evergreen or semi-evergreen woody shrub often used in landscaping in the southeast.

A true low care plant, nandina needs no pruning ever, unless it is to harvest some leaves for use in a flower arrangement or berries for a holiday centerpiece. Or leave the berries on the plants for birds to harvest in late winter. Spent berry stalks can easily be snapped off by hand in spring.

This picture was chosen for Ruby Tuesday.

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3 comments on “Heavenly Bamboo”

  1. I do love Nandina. I don’t refer to it as Heavenly Bamboo though. It is not a true Bamboo and that word can have negative connotations in the garden.

  2. Wow is that holly berry..I like there color they are so deep red when ripe. Sadly, we can’t eat it only birds do. Thanks for sharing!

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