The Ocean Plaza

This photo was taken sometime in the summer of 2000. The Ocean Plaza Ballroom in Carolina Beach was said to be the birthplace of the shag. It was host to many famous musicians through the years including Chubby Checker and Jerry Lee Lewis, as well as many Beach Music bands. Unfortunately, this excellent example of Art Deco architecture was destroyed by a bulldozer in April 2006.

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3 comments on “The Ocean Plaza”

  1. That is very unfortunate indeed. Art Deco is unique, and lends so much to the character of a place. I see lots of it in Bombay.

  2. Cool pic. James Brown and Elvis also played there as well.

  3. I have a new Water Color painting of the way I remember the Ocean Plaza on my web site for ordering. I remember looking up from the street hearing Buddy Skipper and the Jettie Jumper’s play and wishing I was old enough to go up their. And then I spent many nights dancing up their when I was of age. Great memories for me.

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