A Classic Wilmington View

This beautiful, serene view is from the Wilmington Riverwalk. The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge and the HENRIETTA III can be seen in the background.

The 1 ½-mile Riverwalk is a boardwalk that lines the Cape Fear River in the heart of downtown Wilmington’s shopping and historic district. It’s an ideal place to stroll at dusk with your dog, meet people, watch street entertainers and take in the scenic views of the river.

The HENRIETTA III, an authentic tour and dinner riverboat,  is a constant and familiar part of the scenery on the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, NC. She is docked at the foot of Dock and Water Streets, on The Riverwalk, in historic downtown.

The Historic Cape Fear Memorial Bridge is steel vertical lift bridge over the Northeast Cape Fear River on US 76/421  in Wilmington, NC.  Built 1969, it replaced a 1929 bridge (which was removed), near where the Isabel Stellings Holmes Bridge is today. The main span of this bridge is the longest in North Carolina.

It can list at least 11 film productions to its credits such as Maximum Overdrive and Black Dog.

There has been discussion of a new bridge across the Cape Fear River, downstream from downtown Wilmington. However, the Cape Fear Skyway remains in the early planning stage.

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