Baby Geese

Canada Geese are waterfowl that live throughout most of North America.   They are famous for their life-long mating, though a widowed goose will usually choose another mate. Newly hatched Canada Geese look much like ducklings with yellow and gray feathers and a dark bill.  But within a week they grow to be rather awkward-looking, fuzzy gray birds.  By nine to ten weeks old, they’ve grown their flight feathers and look like slightly smaller versions of the adult.

Canada Geese build their nest with grass and plant material and line it with feather down.  The geese typically nest on the ground on islands and shorelines. The female typically lays a clutch of 5 to 7 white eggs (though the number can range anywhere from 2 to 12) while the male guards the nesting area.   Laying the eggs is not a simple task.  Each egg takes a little over a day to lay. The newly hatched babies (called ‘goslings’) are able to swim immediately.  The male and female goose both accompany the babies during their swims.

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2 comments on “Baby Geese”

  1. What a grand goose family photo! Were you in a canoe for this snap? Regards from EAGAN daily photo

  2. No, not in a canoe. I was standing in my backyard. These geese made a stop in our neighborhood to have their babies in our retention pond.

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