Greenfield Lake in Wilmington, NC is home to countless alligators. If you take time to look into the murky depths, you might just capture a shot like this one! Alligators also populate many of our area’s golf courses. Don’t get too close to the edge of that pond when you’re looking for your lost ball!

This photo is for A Thousand Words Thursdays.

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10 comments on “Alligator!”

  1. Wow…very cool capture!

    Happy ATWT to you!

  2. prehistoric predator…….scary!!

  3. That’s a great photo. Now that we have moved home to PA, we won’t see any of those critters on a regular basis!

  4. Did not realize gators were so far north…I assumed they stopped in South Carolina…Great shot!

  5. We’ll be seeing a bunch of those on our vacation this upcoming week… 😉 That’s a great shot! 🙂

    Happy ATWT! 🙂

  6. Wow-That’s something else! (Glad I don’t golf.)

  7. That is just plain S C A R Y !!! I prefer to see “little fishy” when I look in the water. Hahaha!

    Happy ATWT!

  8. Wow! How close were you to that thing? Great pic!

  9. oh my looks a bit scray what a wonderful creature

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