Net Casting

This man is casting a net to catch fish in the shallow waters at the south end of Wrightsville Beach, NC. A cast net, also called a throw net, is a circular net with small weights distributed around its edge. This simple method of fishing has been in use, in various forms, for thousands of years.

This photo was chosen for Watery Wednesday.

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4 comments on “Net Casting”

  1. Hi there..nice shot. I have one on my slideshow taken when my boys were younger. My hubby was teaching them. Wonderful post-

  2. I suppose it is easier or at least a quicker way to get supper… then out of the sun…no sunburn, out of the heat…no heat rash and on to better things… like resting in a hammock with a cool lemonade.

  3. That’s a really interesting photo…

    I remember doing that type of fishing with my Granddad..

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