Peter Palm

The plant known as the sago palm is not actually a palm at all, but a cycad. This attractive plant, native to southern Japan, is one of the most widely cultivated cycads, grown outdoors in warm temperate and subtropical regions, or under glass in colder areas. It is the most popular plant in horticulture and is found in almost all botanical gardens. It is also used as a bonsai plant.

In temperate locations it is heavily promoted commercially as a landscape plant. It requires hot summers with a temperature of 86 to 95F, making Wilmington, NC an ideal place to grow it. It can eventually reach heights of over 20 feet, but since it is very slow growing, it will require about 50 to 100 years of patience!

A fact that is not commonly known about the sago palm is that  it is extremely poisonous to both humans and animals if ingested. If any quantity of the plant is ingested, a poison control center or doctor should be contacted immediately. Effects of ingestion can include permanent internal damage and death.

This macro shot was chosen for Macro Monday.

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2 comments on “Peter Palm”

  1. lovely and unique image of this cycad~

  2. We had a few Sagos in our yard when we lived in Corpus Christi. I just LOVE them! 🙂 Love your photo too!

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