Spanish Moss Draped Trees

This shot was taken at Airlie Gardens. This is Airlie Lake. If you look closely, you can see a family of swans in the background.

Spanish Moss growing on trees is a typical sight in and around Wilmington, NC. Spanish Moss is a lacy, beautiful romantic image that symbolizes the south. It grows in the humid, coastal areas of the southeastern United States. It is neither a parasite, nor a true moss, but an air plant. This iconic plant is in the Bromeliad family, which also includes pineapples. It live entirely above ground and relies on other plants, usually trees, for its aerial roots. Although Spanish moss is not parasitic, it can still hurt the trees. If the mats become well-developed, they can cut off the supply of light to the host tree, making it difficult for the tree to photosynthesize. Large mats of Spanish moss will also build wind resistance, making trees less likely to survive high winds.

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One comment on “Spanish Moss Draped Trees”

  1. √ Howdy ! from the cornfields of Brookville, Ohio

    Thunderstorms rolled over my house this morning at 4:00 AM and thunder and lightening woke me up. By the time I was up and drinking my first coffee, the rain was hitting my skylight pretty hard. It sounded like some kind of war going on. The noise is great.

    Spanish Moss brings back memories of that famous movie Gone with the wind. Or at least it does for me.

    Abe Lincoln
    Brookville, Ohio

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