The Spring Garden

This photo was taken at Airlie Gardens, near Wrightsville Beach, NC, in the Spring Garden. Designed and installed in the early 1900s, the Spring  Garden features spring flowering bulbs and a tranquil fountain.

One of Wilmington’s finest attractions, Airlie Gardens is a 67 acre former site of a plantation home from the Gilded Age, known as Airlie By The Sea. These gardens feature centuries old oak trees, huge lawns, walking trails, sculptures, serene lakes, countless tulips, daffodils and just about every kind of azalea and camellia in existence.

This photo was chosen for Scenic Sunday.

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5 comments on “The Spring Garden”

  1. Gorgeous scenery of this flowerfield!
    I would like to spend some time here 🙂

    Have a great week!

  2. Lynne, the garden … very soft colors. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog recently. I appreciate the nice compliments.


  3. wow this is really pretty and great depth of field. also looks good on your blog w/ the colors 🙂

  4. Flowers as long as you can see 🙂
    Have a nice Thursday!

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