Boats on the Horizon

This is the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. This shot was taken at Wrightsville Beach, NC, on a very calm morning. These boats were pretty close to the shore. Not sure if they were fishing or just sight seeing.

This photo is for Watery Wednesday.

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7 comments on “Boats on the Horizon”

  1. How about, they are leisurely fishing. I don’t know if they can catch more if they are further away. But the seas is so calm and I love the waves just rippling to the shore.

  2. I really like your photo! Some day I will make it to the Atlantic Coast! Coast shots are my favorite type of photos, I never tire of them! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  3. This makes me feel wanderlust…

  4. This so reminds me of the shoreline here in Virginia Beach… love the pink hue of early morning. Great shots.

  5. Great shot. They remind me of the lifeguard boats I see up at the lake by me but ours are yellow.

  6. Beautiful picture with marvelous colors!

  7. Great photo. I love the way the boats are all lined up perfectly like that. And I like that everything is so gray.

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