Lazy Summer Evening

Paddling around in your small canoe, trying to catch a bass or two, seems like a great way to spend an evening in WIlmington, NC. This fellow just happened to paddle into my camera’s veiw.

This shot is for Ruby Tuesday.

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7 comments on “Lazy Summer Evening”

  1. What a nice looking place. Like the boat. Happy RT

  2. Nice photo! Looks like a nice place to fish. Very interesting red pattern on the canoe. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is just a perfect photo. I’d like to be in that canoe… or behind your camera!

  4. How perfect that the canoe was there! Such a peaceful scene…thanks for sharing it.

  5. Would this canoe be used to go duck hunting? I just wondered if the stripes were there so the hunter could be seen by others, sort of like the bright vests worn by deer hunters. Hmm. Nice calm shot.

  6. A river right at your own backyard — fantastic!

  7. This is beautiful. How cool to have the water almost right at your door.

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