The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA for Memorial Day

The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA Memorial is a preserved World War II vessel serving as her state’s World War II memorial and a museum interpreting the history of all ships named NORTH CAROLINA.

“Standing with quiet dignity and majesty across the river from downtown Wilmington, NC, the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA beckons visitors to walk her decks and envision daily life as well as fierce combat that her crew faced in the Pacific Theater during World War II.” (Taken form the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA’s website. Please visit the website for more fascinating information on the history and heritage of this Memorial.)

This picture is for Blue Monday.

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10 comments on “The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA for Memorial Day”

  1. What a delightful post! I feel so honored to board this ship on Memorial Day via your blog!

  2. Ginger, what a wonderful photograph! Awesome blueness! It is so well framed and so memorable on this Memorial Day. My uncle was on one of those in WWII. I can’t see a ship without thinking of him. Thanks for sharing…

    Happy Memorial Day/Blue Monday!


    Sheilla 🙂

  3. Happy Blue Monday and Memorial Day!


  4. what a gorgeous picture! Thanks for sharing it! Susan

  5. Your photograph is a stunner. Have a wonderful day and enjoy Blue Monday.

  6. Wow…what a perfect subject and the perfect shot of it…

  7. A great image, and I love the layout!

  8. How would you like to have that coming atcha? Very intimidating, indeed! Neat post! ~ Happy Blue Monday! ~ Robyn

  9. Your point of view here is both fabulous and scary.

    I’m wrapping up my Corregidor Island series tonight. The battles in Corregidor, Bataan and Manila were all part of the Pacific War. I wouldn’t have thought there was any connection with North Carolina.

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