Water Fountain in the Pergola Garden

The Pergola Garden, one of the unique formal areas inside Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, NC, is a focal point on the freshwater Airlie Lake. The fountain, columns and flowers all combine to make an interesting and beautiful view.

The lake was created in 1902, by the owners, Pembroke and Sarah Jones,wealthy industrialists and ship builders, who transformed the property into a lavish estate known as Arilie-by-the-Sea. In 1904, Sarah added a classical pergola made of coquina. Many famous guest were entertained here  by the Jones and today, this is a highly desired location for weddings. The original 155 acres contained a half a million azaleas and 5000 camellias, many of which are still thriving in the remaining 67 acres.

This photo is for Watery Wednesday.

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5 comments on “Water Fountain in the Pergola Garden”

  1. A lovely view, indeed.

  2. A lot of similar fountains to yours posted today.
    Sydney – City and Suburbs

  3. Delightful capture.

  4. Beautiful photo …such a serene view …

    Interesting information as well, thankyou for posting that..

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