Welcome Aboard The Henrietta III

The HENRIETTA III, an authentic tour and dinner riverboat,  is a constant and familiar part of the scenery on the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, NC. She is docked at the foot of Dock and Water Streets, on The Riverwalk, in historic downtown.

“Welcome Aboard!” is the motto of HENRIETTA III’s Captain Carl Marshburn and crew. They offer the finest in Southern hospitality. A favorite for locals and visitors, HENRIETTA III is a unique way to celebrate  special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, family reunions, weddings and receptions, as well as just a lazy day or evening of fun.

This photo is for Ruby Tuesday. To see more daily photos of other cities around the world, visit City Daily Photo.


6 comments on “Welcome Aboard The Henrietta III”

  1. Ooooooo! That would have to be one of my FAVORITE kinds of RED!!! What a beauty!

  2. What a wonderful boat and great shot for the theme! Happy Ruby Tuesday.Mine is posted 🙂

  3. The perspective is excellent, giving us an idea of the length of the river boat. I like the tones and light, nice contrasts. Lovely photo.

  4. great composition! i like how the people are also in red.

  5. Looks like FUN indeed … perfect touches of red for Ruby Tuesday ;–)
    I played at Small Reflections this week.
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. Henrietta III is simply stunning! I can certainly see having a wedding there. 🙂 The red trim is so perfect. Thank you for sharing.

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