The Riverwalk

The 1 ½-mile Riverwalk is a boardwalk that lines the Cape Fear River in the heart of downtown Wilmington’s shopping and historic district. It’s an ideal place to stroll at dusk with your dog, meet people, watch street entertainers and take in the scenic views of the river. The river is always teeming with various watercraft, which could include schooners, pleasure boats, replicas of historic ships, Coast Guard cutters, The Henrietta III, an elegant, refurbished riverboat  or the occasional British naval vessel docked beyond the Federal Court House.

Riverfront restaurants like the The George, Pilot House or Elijah’s, will entice you with the aromas of Southern coastal cuisine and the sounds of wine glasses clinking, as folks enjoy dining in an romantic outdoor setting.

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One comment on “The Riverwalk”

  1. Welcome to CDP! This is a fine foto…love the dog; looks like he’s watching something out there very carefully.

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